Monday, March 23, 2009

Ready Set - Mark!

My friend Kelly and I are going to Mark Lipinski's Trunk Show and Workshop, Tuesday night and Wednesday. We are so excited. I intend to take my premiere issue of his magazine and have him autograph it for me if possible. Country Concessions intends to be open early and has a sale on his new line of Frabric "Krakow",and that is always dangerous for us. Kelly and I got together on Saturday to cut our fabric and put it into the required labeled baggies. Kelly brought a lovely ham and cheese Strata made with spinach that we put the oven as soon as she arrived and if filled the kitchen with the most amazing aroma. After we had lunch and finished out cutting we sat in the liviing room having fresh strawberries and tea while we watched Kelly;s DVD copy of  , a "Night in Rodanthe", a real chick flick. It was a really great day.

On a less exciting note. I have not been feeling up to snuff lately. I think I mentioned a while ago that this blog was a kind of therapy for me. Among other things, I won't bore you with now, I have what is call Peripheral Neuropathy. It is a tingling of the feet and hands (primarily feet), a kind of nerve damage and is accompanied by numbness and pain. I was at the neurologist last fall and prescribed a drug called Lyrica which I have been taking but I am overcome with such an array of side effects, not the least of which is a profound need to sleep alot and deeply, unfortunately it is only during the day. I sleep poorly at night because of the feet pain but I do sleep in the day and so much so that at least once a week. I can sleep about 7:00 am until noon hour. It is that horrible kind of sleep where you feel almost catatonic when you wake up and have to keep shaking your self awake.  If anyone has had any experience on this drug I would love to hear from you.

I am seeing the doctor soon and intend to ask him to take me of this drug.

I am really enjoying a book I am reading now,    Sisters Coice by Emilie Richards. It is a nice story with some references to quilting. Try one if you get a chance this series starts The Wedding  Ring.


Nanci said...

Oh Deb that doesn't sound like a pleasant experience you are going through. I hope you feel better soon.
I have arthritis and the pain is sometimes unbearable, but the meds really help.
Take care of yourself.
Spring is almost here! Saw robins this weekend.

Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Deb,
Sorry you're not feeling well and to not have a good night sleep on top of poor thing. I'm not in the medical field, but my mom had similar problems with her feet (severe pain and burning). Her doctor prescribed Neurontin. I looked it up for you and found this link.
Listed under other uses is what you had mentioned, peripheral neuropathy. Maybe you could ask your doctor. This medicine might agree with you more and have less side effects. Good luck at the doctor and have fun with Mark Lipinski too.

jmishasek said...
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