Monday, August 31, 2009

For Sale

Officially up for sale. I had a little cry when I saw the "For Sale" sign on the lawn this morning.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Never been this Clean

This house has never been this clean. I had professional cleaners in this week and the house is now officially listed for sale. Just waiting for the "For Sale" sign to be put on the front lawn. I am really starting to get excited now. I am so looking forward to being closer to my Mom. Our new next door neighbour is a quilter and I am signing up for the local guild "Kawartha Quiltmakers". So I should be able to make some new friends.

Last week the dining room table was covered in sewing materials.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Painting and Cleaning

I have a pic of my next door neighbour's son. He is 17 and is a handsome very very tall young man whom has helped me a great deal in the last couple of weeks. As we preparing the house for sale. He has been doing some painting for us. First both our front porch and then the back deck. Now he is painting our laundry room. What a great kid !

  I have lots of progress on my Mom's Birthday quilt but of course I can't show you any pictures because my mother is very computer savey and will see it. That fact that she is getting I am sure is no surprise to her.
I'm afraid that my blogging my be somewhat sporadic as we go through this selling and building process. Please bare with me.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting Ready To Sell

Hubby and I for a whole variety of reasons have decided to sell up the home we have lived in for 20 years and move away. My Mom is almost 80 (Shhhh don't tell) and as lively and healthy as she is (in better shape than me) I want to be closer to her. I am her only child left and my husband parents are both gone now. So I really want to be able to spend more time with her. I have my own health issues and Mom is always been able to look after me like no one else. The plan is to build a granny flat on the back of her existing house. Hubby and I will move into the original house and Mom will move to the back.  Mom's house overlooks the river so there is a nice view and her place will be above ground affording us all a great view and our privacy.

The only place where the two residences will join is in the basement where Mom and I will share the laundry room. Her new living room will have a gas fireplace so that in the winter if we don't turn the heat up enough to suit her she can just turn on the fireplace to warm up.Both of us are excited to be decorating a new place.

  I had the carpet in our house professionally cleaned today and I am having a maid service come in and clean. I have had a neighbour lad do some painting to freshen the house up. So wish me luck.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wedding and The Quilt

Sorry I have been away so long. Sometimes I think that my life is so uninteresting that I don't have much to tell about.
Last Saturday my friend Kelly and I attended a wedding. Our friend Mary's daugther was married. The bride was of course beautiful and here is the final photo of the Quilt that we made them.

My next project will be a quilt for my Moms birthday. I won't tell you which one but it is a special birthday that deserves something really great. I do love her dearly. I will post some pictures of the progress, ( Oh! I guess I can't she will likely look) but I promise that I have lots of interesting news coming up. Please visit my blog and share you comments when you can. I will try to be more up to date with my Blogging.