Monday, October 12, 2009

Finally at Long Last Ta Da!

It is my weekend of my Mom's 80th Birthday and she is here spending it with us, so I can finally unveil the quilt that I have been making for her. I made the quilt with the help of my friend Kelly.
The Quilt is a variation on the chinese coin pattern. I started with the floral fabric and pulled other matching colours. Once we have them together we decided we needed the navy strips to make the other strips pop. I quilted it on a longarm at our local quilt shop.

We also got Mom an original watercolour by Nan Sidler a very talented painter in Peterborough.
Sorry that my photographs of her work aren't  the best but please go to her website to see some of her work.

The pale yellow rose backing seemed perfect for all of the other colours.

I'll have more to update in the days to come. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians.