Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Church Group Quilters

Last Thursday I had a marvellous day, one I hope will be the first of many. I decided to join the ladies at my church who Quilt every Thursday. They begin about 9:30 and go until about 3:00 pm. What a wonderful time we had sitting around the frame chatting and stitching, sometimes saying nothing at all. 

Just before lunch one of the ladies got up and went into the kitchen. She made, tea set out real plates mugs, milk jug, sugar bowl and plates of cheese, pickles and celery. All we had to do was to bring our own sandwich from home. She also put our a large plate of cookies for after our lunch.  Three cups of tea later she cleaned up while the rest of resumed our place at the frame. It sure felt wonderful, a very relaxing day.

I'll be back next Thursday.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Orchids and.......................

In another couple of weeks I will begin a parade of classes. The the first is a two day class at my local Quilt Shop on using EQ7. Tangled Threads owner Mary's significant other is a bit of a techy and he is going to lead us in a two day workshop. I am so looking forward to that.

Then I have a another two day workshop with Renske Helmuth on Orchids and Sashiko. The first picture is a photo of my orchid at home. I thought I would use these colours for my piece. The second is a photo of the Renske's class sample. Gorgeous!

Also I have just received my supply lists for the two classes I have signed up for at Quilt Canada in London, Ont. in May 2011. So looking forward to that. If any of you are also attending I would love to meet you there.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Batten Down the Hatches and Works in Progress

Today we had a new Washer and Dryer delivered and set up. Our old pair were getting on to 30 years old and so it was time. I received some Sears Gift Cards for a retirement gift, and saved them for just this purpose.

We purchased a pair of front loading LG's and Wow do they ever use less water and dry and in record time. So far so good. I will tell you how I like them better after a few more uses.

We are getting ready for a big storm coming north from Texas.  You might have a little laugh at this old video.

 So I sent hubby out today for milk and bread so I will not have to go out tomorrow if it turns out we get as much as they are calling for (6-10 inches) in our area.

The first photo is a pair of socks that I am working on. My first pair using self striping wool. Kind of cool.

The next picture are a small sample of the embroidery portion of a quilt that I am making, Over the River and Through the Woods. I will have lots of  handwork to keep me busy tomorrow.

Unfortunately if the weather is nasty I will miss guild tomorrow. I will however have more time to prepare the presentation on "Labels" that I am give at my other quilt group on Thursday. I am hoping however that the weatherman is may be exaggerating.