Friday, March 27, 2009

Mark Lipinski- Better than Prescription Drugs

Tuesday night my friends, Kelly, Margaret and I went to see a trunk show by Mark Lipinski . Mark is the editor and main writer for the Magazine, "Quilters Home". We had a ball, Mark told so many stories. He is a natural stand up comedian. We laughed so hard we had pains in our sides. I swear to you we could not have laughed more at Yuk Yuks.

The next day we took his class. It was great, a mystery quilt in which we learned how to: design a quilt, plan out where the blocks will go, and learned how to piece curves. Then make more blocks to complete your chosen design.

Mark likes to collect odd and shall we say irreverent quilt fabric. One lady in class had found some while shopping and brought him a piece. It was the hit of the day.

Here is a photo with the shop owner, Darlene from Country Concessions, in Cookstown. It is a great quilt shop with a huge selection of fabric, I am sure they are the largest in our area.

These are picture of quilts from others in the class.

This is my friend Kelly's. I love it, the batik is a fish print.

Finally here is mine, I absolutely hate it, however I am going to persevere and see what else I can add to the colour scheme (yellow) to soften it up.

As Mark was leaving we caught a glimpse of his license plate. Note the red flames around it that light up when he brakes.


Janet Brady said...

Hey Deb,
I found you blog through blogging quilters. I am so lucky to be a member of Common Threads Quilters with Mark. He cracks me up at meetings and I laugh out loud when I read his magazine. With the endorphin release you get from laughing your are absolutely right that he's an antidepressant! I'll add your blog to my list of ones I'm watching. Check mine out at

Pat said...

Hey there! Thanks for your comment on my blog today regarding my work. I will consider (at some point) doing a tutorial on how I paint fabric. I appreciate you very much. I have just read some of your your dog and how she loves to put her head down on cute. And, LOVED the Eaton that kind of thing and my last name is Eaton!!! And, regarding your recent experience laughing....isn't laughing a wonderful thing? And, people that make us do that are special too...take care. pat

Ellen said...

Is it possible to help me out?? I signed up form Mark's mystery quilt at the Costa Mesa Wack a patch camp this past week. Unfortunately he had to cancel due to illness. We had to pre cut our material. I did contact him thru his site and phone but no response. The "camp director" has also tried. I need some quidance on how to organize this mystery quilt. I am so clueless as to how to start!!!

Ellen said...

Can you help???? I had signed up for a mystery quilt class that Mark was suppose to teach in Costa Mesa. Unfortunately he had to cancel due to illness. I had pre cut my fabric to his specifications. We have tried to contact him via e-mail on his site and phone call as did the organizer of the Camp Wack a Patch in Costa Mesa. Is there any way you let me know how to somewhat organize this precut material????

Deb said...

Ellen, I would love to try and help you but I would need to be able to contact you. Email me with your email address.

Ellen said...

sorry, I thought I had put it with my post!!!!!!

Thank you so much!!!!!!

Ellen said...

trying again...these blogs are new to me!!!