Sunday, August 28, 2011

Severe Allergic Reaction

Well let me tell you I would not wish this situation on anyone, friend or foe!

On Tuesday morning after I got up, I noticed that my hands were a little itchy, no big deal I have eczema so I just put on some of my ointment and thought it would get better.  By the end of the day the itch had spread to my arms, really unusual I thought!

Tuesday evening hubby and I went to a "meet and greet" our new family doctor. You might remember we moved here over a year and half ago and finally found a local Doctor. We had been driving 2 hours back to our old Doctor.

We were very happy to now have a doctor and oh by the way this guy has "same day appointments. You call him first thing in the AM and get in that day. The only thing he books ahead are diabetes counselling and physicals. That night I was overwhelmed with the itch which had now spread to my legs, feet, and around the middle.

Next day I got up absolutely no sleep still itching and scratching. I called the new Doc and got in right away. We tried to figure out what it might be, in the end he gave me a a script for some hydro-cortisone ointment to try and sent me home, telling me to take some Benadryl.  By the next day I was covered in a rash and I was having a slight shortness of breath and the feeling that my ears and face were swelling. Overall I just felt lousy.

I went back again to Doc on Friday, now I had NO sleep for three nights having to sit up in a chair in the living room because I was too itchy to settle down in bed.  This time Doc gave me a script for some Prednisone,  told me to keep taking the Benadryl, cortisone cream and a lotion.

I think that I have figured out what it is that is happening to me.   Penicillin!

I was allergic to penicillin in my teens and had not used it in years but a couple of years ago after having my appendix removed a doctor at the hospital told me that I should be retested to see if  I was still allergic to the drug. She said there is nothing better, if I ever really needed it.

So I made an appointment with an allergist and low and behold he said that I was no longer allergic to the drug. Since then I have had a course of treatment a few months ago without incident. ( or so I thought)

Since this happened I have been scouring the net for info on this because it seemed odd to me that I would okay one time and the next time I completed the whole prescription and the symptoms occurred a week after I finished  the prescription. It can happen, according to what I read. I now have an appointment with another allergist. I can only say that if I feel this lousy from an allergic reaction I can't imagine what it would feel like to be really ill.

Hubby has been wonderful, doing the dishes, laundry, vacuuming etc.   The worst of it has been that my poor hands have been scratched beyond there limit and are so sore I have not been able to do any sewing or knitting. I think I may be on the mend now.

I hope all of you who are on the east coast of Canada and the US have weathered the storm. I have been watching some of the storm coverage on CNN.


Jennifer said...

Ouch, Deb - that is not good! Hope you get it sorted soon.

Trish said...

Yuck, I'm getting itchy just thinking about it.... Hope you feel better soon!