Saturday, September 17, 2011

Itchy and Scratchy Rides Again

So it turns out (I think) I have an allergy to Sulpha. I had to go off antihistamines for a week before I saw the Allergist. I was lucky and he had a cancellation. So I had got to see him on Friday, but that time I was so itchy I was ready to go insane. After our appointment the doctor took pity on me and gave me a free sample of Reactine to take there and then. I have a return appointment book and had some blood work done. So hopefully we will get to the bottom of this soon.


On a happier note, last weekend my dear friend Kelly came down from Barrie to visit me and we had a fabulous time. We spent Saturday talking, cutting, sewing and looking a magazine. Sunday we went to the Bobcaygeon, to the Harvest of Quilt. We even manage to spend a bit of money at the vendors. Here are lots of photos.

The Featured Quilter at the showNancy Johnston of Kinmount  
This is a Quilt I would like to make.
Lots More


Tangled Threads Booth- Mary and hubby

Hexie Quilt

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Jennifer said...

Wow - I love the Storm at Sea quilt in the background of the first picture! All the quilts are fabulous but that is my favourite design. Hope you get your allergy issues sorted soon.