Monday, August 15, 2011

Small Quilt Show - Jane Burke

Eleanor Burns Pattern
Jane told us that she acquired the blocks just the hexagon shape.
 She added the plain coloured
triangles and centres and the border. 

Eleanor Burns Pattern

Friendship blocks likely for a wedding

Sugar and flour sack quilt

Looks familiar but don't know pattern.
Also made with polyester knit and backed with
a curtain

This quilt was made from donations blocks given to
Jane in her outgoing  President year. She made up
tea groups around vintage doilies. This one is Gorgeous 

Drunkards Path?

Made from cigar box flag inserts
Grandmother's Flower Garden

Cheddar and Blue

Tea Towel Quilt
Cathedral Window made of crimpilene and corduroy
Jane is a past president of the Mississauga Quilt Guild. She brought her quilts to the Lakefield Farmers Market. They were hung on a clothesline strung between the trees. It was beautiful.

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Jennifer said...

What a lovely display....thanks for sharing!