Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Clean and Tidy Sewing Room

Tidy Sewing Room
I have a very small sewing room in this house, and after the hubbub of Christmas, it was a mess. It is that room in the house where, whenever I bring something into the house and don't know where to put it, I say to hubby put it in the sewing room. So now I have clean and put away everything that I can.

By your standards this may not be as clean or tidy as yours but for me this is as good as it gets,

Sewing Room right after we Moved In


I share my sewing room with the computer as well as an extensive library of quilting books, a TV etc.etc. I am pleased that it is now cleaned up and I can begin finishing some projects.


Val said...

I have been in my sewing room too! Yours looks wonderful. Mine still needs a lot of work. But you have inspired me!!!

karenfae said...

you might have a small room but I have heard so many say they have a part of the living room or the dining room table so I guess those of us with small sewing rooms need to be grateful huh :)

Jennifer said...

It might be a small room, but at least it's yours.......having one's own space is so important, I reckon. We can't be creative if we are surrounded by someone else's mess!

Nanci said...

I'm in the basement with great shelves, but even though I keep culling stuff, I still have too much.
I must have 40 frames for photos that I will never use...what's with that?
great job. and I do have a wonderful crazy patchwork book to add to my little collection! ha!

Denise said...

The most important thing is that it is comfortable for you, I have a small sewing room and it becomes a "catch all" room at times.

PatSloan said...

Thank you for sharing with us at the Learning Center! .. Pat Sloan

Karen (nybird) (KMello) said...

Nothing better than a tidy sewing room/area....yours looks great! I am in the middle of moving from one room to another and can't wait to be finished but in the meantime I have set up a little area so I can have somewhere to sew.