Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Batten Down the Hatches and Works in Progress

Today we had a new Washer and Dryer delivered and set up. Our old pair were getting on to 30 years old and so it was time. I received some Sears Gift Cards for a retirement gift, and saved them for just this purpose.

We purchased a pair of front loading LG's and Wow do they ever use less water and dry and in record time. So far so good. I will tell you how I like them better after a few more uses.

We are getting ready for a big storm coming north from Texas.  You might have a little laugh at this old video.

 So I sent hubby out today for milk and bread so I will not have to go out tomorrow if it turns out we get as much as they are calling for (6-10 inches) in our area.

The first photo is a pair of socks that I am working on. My first pair using self striping wool. Kind of cool.

The next picture are a small sample of the embroidery portion of a quilt that I am making, Over the River and Through the Woods. I will have lots of  handwork to keep me busy tomorrow.

Unfortunately if the weather is nasty I will miss guild tomorrow. I will however have more time to prepare the presentation on "Labels" that I am give at my other quilt group on Thursday. I am hoping however that the weatherman is may be exaggerating.


Jennifer said...

Hope the storm isn't as bad as they are forecasting! We are having a heatwave and it is very unpleasant, however if we can survive for a few more days next week is supposed to be cooler. Love the socks, the colour is great - and I love "Over the River and Through the Woods" too.

Nanci said...

We didn't get as much as expected here in Whitby.
I knitted socks and watched the storm go through...poor puppy didn't want to go out in that.
I have front loaders too, and complained regarding smells after a while. I now use Tide HE and no more smells. It seems that because liquid detergents are petrolium based, they can build up mold in the air tight washers....
I miss soakings...