Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day / Completed Binding

Happy Canada Day !! to all and Happy Independence Day to our friends from the south. Today there will be a parade and a Multi-Cultural fair in the park, in which all of the multi-cultural groups get together. There is food from all countries and performances on stage by a number of groups. I am looking forward to enjoying this here in Peterborough for the first time. Mom and I are going and hubby is spending the day at home and watching the "games" on the tube.

I have completed the binding on a donation quilt. It one of the quilt that our guild makes  " Helping Hands", They make them to give to a number of groups. I also need to get a wiggle on making a few pillowcases to donate to a new local Women's shelter. This is something our evening guild wants to do and make a donation in the fall of all of the pillowcases that we have make over the summer.

I have also been doing some crocheting lately and I will have some picture of those for you next time.

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