Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fabulous Family Weekend

Mom and I spent the weekend with family. My mom had one brother who had very large family, nine children. They are mostly all married now with kids of there own and some of the kids are married and have kids of there own. You get the idea. It has now a huge family who get together a couple of time a year, usually, summer and Christmas. 

My cousin Rick lives in Fonthill, ON (near Welland). He owns a very successful business called The Country Corner Market. He sells top quality meat and makes pork and poultry sausages in huge variety of flavours. Rick is following a family tradition as our Grandfather and Rick's father were also butchers.

(Here is a picture of Rick (on the left) with one of his staff. On the left is an enlarged picture of our grandfathers store, called The New Center Meat Market, which was in Peterborough, ON many years ago) 

Needless to say the food at the family party was fabulous. Rick and his wife Robin prepared 2 humongous prime rib roasts on the bar-b-que, served with a huge pan of  sauteed mushrooms, mashed potatoes, a beef stock and Merlot reduction ( sumptuous) along with salads galore. Other members of the family brought their own specialty dishes, Terri her homemade Perogies and Trifle, Jane her salads and cheese spread, and on and on and on. There was food fun and family and it made for a wonderful weekend.

If you get down to the Welland, ON area please drop into Rick's store you won't be disappointed.

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