Monday, April 05, 2010

New Car? or Truck

Hubby and I are having an small battle he is calling it a car and I am calling it a truck, either way we both love it. We traded my little red Accent on this nice new Kia Sportage.

It beautiful black with tan leather interior, moonroof, cruise, air etc, etc, etc. I am busy making backseat covers for it so that the dog can ride in style and comfort without putting her nails through my nice upholstery.

I attended the Trent Quilters Evening group last thursday and really enjoyed it. Special thanks to Trish who emailed me to tell me about it and then nicely met me and introduced herself  to me at the meeting. It sure made me feel more welcome. What a great group of ladies and one gentleman.


Trish said...

Nice truck.....
and it was nice meeting you last week!

Nanci said...

Truck Deb...Nice one too. I have a Saturn's a truck too. Call it wheels.