Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I am so Mad at myself!!!

As you know I have just moved to town a couple of months ago. Last month I attended my first "new" Quilt Guild meeting and was so looking forward to this months. I had organized myself for tomorrow, packed my lunch to stay after the meeting sew for the afternoon, got my library books organized etc. Thinking that meeting was thursday.

What did I do you say.................!

The meeting was today and I got the day wrong. !

I am so mad at myself I could scream. On the up side hubby and I have begun attending the Wellness centre so while I was should have been at the meeitng I was attending an Aquafit class.Grrrrrrrrr.

OH I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT SHADOW! Last week we took her to Doggy Daycare. When we went to get her they told us every time she tried to pee she would cry. So we stopped on the way home at the Vet's and was told to get a sample and bring her back at 4 pm. Don't think that isn't fun following your dog around with a tin foil pie plate trying to place it under quick when she squats. But Halleluah I got one. Vet said the PH level in her urine was quite high so we had to change her to distilled water and a course of antibiotics and then follow up with them. So far the worst thing has been trying to get the pills into her.   

Has anyone had a similar experience?


Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Deb,
I've had a similar experience with this whole post!! If I don't write something down on the calendar or on a list I don't remember anything. Our dog Annie had something similar. I laughed when you said...running around trying to catch a drop with a aluminum pie plate...because that was me too! Hope she's feeling better.
Take care,

Nanci said...

No, but I'm laughing at the thought of you running around the yard to catch pee...good that you did catch it though. Poor puppy!
It is why we have remind those of us who are retired that the day is....