Friday, March 12, 2010

First Guild meeting - Kawartha Quiltmakers

I went to my first "new" guild meeting last week and really enjoyed it. It is a very large guild. Well over 100 members. I jumped in with both feet and volunteered to be on the executive as a "greeter". I thought that sounded like a job that wouldn't require to much, while it would give me a chance to meet some new people.

I would like to say that my house is all in order and there is nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy my retirement. But alas that is not to be. I am the worlds biggest procrastinator. I will find almost any excuse to do something else, other than hang curtains or put away clutter.

Having said that we are getting there slowly. I spent yesterday reorganizing my linen closet, and sent Hubby down to the Humane Society with a load of old towels and blankets.

My sewing room is coming along, good thing too because there is still no sewing happening. I bought a new computer table and I want to have the thing put together before the end of the weekend.

It was on sale and although I have put it together it is just the right size for my tiny sewing room. Hubby has no patience for putting together so I am sure that my Mom will have to help.

I have done very little sewing lately however I have been listening to Jennifer Chiaverini's, The Lost Quilter.

Hubby like to watch hockey at night so I have been sitting with him and crocheting while listening to my book. It is wonderful being so close to my Mom, but I do miss my friends in Barrie.

Well I am going to read some blogs now perhaps that will get me in the mood to sew or decorate this place.


Jennifer said...

Goo for you for volunteering at the Guild - it's a great way to meet people! Sounds as though you are slowly settling in to your new house.

Nanci said...

We went looking in Coboconk, Fenelon Falls area this past week to see the layout of the lakes in the area, for future reference as we can't live at the cottage for more than six months, so another cottage which would be road access is what we would like and close to populations.
It would be an ajustment for sure to move from Whitby.
Why did you pick the area? Was it because your mom was there?
At least there is a guild for you to connect with quilting friends.

Trish said...

Welcome to Peterborough! I don't very often make the Guild meeting because of work, but if I make it next month I will be sure to introduce myself. There is also another (smaller) quilt group that meets once a month on Thursday evenings. It's called the Trent Evening Quilters. Let me know if you are interested and I'll send you the details.

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