Monday, February 15, 2010

Up to my Nose in Boxes

I has been a busy few week and yes I did find my Camera.

In this first shot, my sewing has not been unpacked. In the second picture it has! Notice the subtle difference. Yes I see it is still a mess but I need everything out of the boxes so that I can see what needs to go where.

I only have one bit of advise to give on moving give away or sell everything you possibly can let go of beofre you move and once you have it all pared down, give away another 50% because you still have too much.

You can see that I have my priorities straight I have the TV hooked in my room so I can watch Olympics while I unpack.

Hubby took Mom and I out for Valentines day dinner at a lovely steak house. It is Hobarts in Peterborough,  Mom and I shared the Sweetheart special.

You shared an appetizer (bacon wrapped scallops) and a desert (Baileys Creme Brulee) and we each had an entree mine was steak and Lobster tail and Mom has steak and shrimp. Then we shared our lobster and shrimp. It also came with a lovely salad and oddles of veggies, mushrooms and a twice baked potato.

The meal was luscious and after each of us was presented with a rose. What a delightful evening.

Then we came home to watch Canada win there first Gold Medal of the Olympic games.

I'll be back when I can see the bottom of another couple of boxes.


Jennifer said...

Gosh Deb.....that will be us in a few months, not looking forward to all those boxes and we won't have the games to distract us!

Nanci said...

Oh and that's all your stash? Girl, you better get moving on using it up.
I visited my friend from the cottage and boy she has as much as you do!
She's also going to go through it to maybe give some to a local senior's quilt program.
Mine still pretty well fits in a large bin.
Keep up the openings!