Saturday, December 05, 2009

Truely Sorry

Sorry that I have been absent so long but you all know how busy it is this time of year. The renovations to my Mom's house are complete and she is now moved in. The place is absolutely gorgeous. Here are some photos. These are before and during the move. The tv is now mounted over the fireplace and the bookcases filled with books and ornaments.

As you can see there are still no draperies but we are moving along. Each time I go down to help I need 2-3 days to recover. Thankfully we had movers and my Mom had some lovely friends who came and helped us put the kitchen in order.

I have a few things on the go right now but know of them I can't blog about because they are mainly Christmas gifts and my friends and family have a habit of reading my blog. Nice of them!

I can say that there are a few handmade gifts but not all made on the sewing machine.

We now looking down the home stretch to our move and packing gradually. Still alot of calls to make on my TO DO LIST.

Hubby is selling his car as we have decided that we don't need 2 cars and my Mom has one as well. So if you know anyone in the market for 2002 Ford Mustang? 

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Karen said...

Lovely renovations! I love, love, love the bookcase!