Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Our New Home - Decorating

Here is a picture of my Mom in her now living room, soon to be my living room. I am currently thinking about how and where I plan to put my furniture.  In the basement of house we saved my grandmothers chesterfield and a couple of her chairs. I have always loved them and we are planning on having them reupholstered before we move, so they will be ready for us when we arrive. I sort of have this dreamy picture in my head of what I want it to look like but somehow I don't quite have the decorating savy to put it all together.

I am so happy to be moving back to my home town. I think that it will be funny for a while being the home owner of the house I grew up in, but I am sure we will can figure it out.

Here is the sofa and chair I am going to have recovered.

 This final picture is the view that my husband and I will have every meal as we sit at our kitchen table. Now you can see why my mother didn't want to move so we added on to her house.


Nanci said...

Well Deb...I hope you enjoy your new old home...I love the sofa by the way. Keep the pattern very neutral. I learned years ago that a printed sofa limited me to what ever colour changes I wanted to make...I have a friend who has rose and green....remember those colours? She had to have the whole thing redone even though the fabric was still good. Neutral is what they do on HGTV...

Karen said...

Love the sofa and chair. Have fun selecting the fabric.