Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Progress on our New Digs

Hubby and I were home last weekend and I wish I had taken pictures. We are having a wall taken down in a spare bedroom which is adjacent to our kitchen. This will become our new dining room. Our house is a split level so the  "new" dining room will actually be up a few stairs from the kitchen and it will have a railing across the wall opening.

While we were home we shopped for a new dining room light fixture and an electric fireplace for our living room.

The fireplace is an entertainment unit and there are places for the cable box, DVD player etc. and some glass shelves on each side for display. Although I do like it very much it really was my husband choice. We having my grandmothers furniture reupholstered, the chesterfield in chocolate brown and two chairs in rust, both in a microfibre which is lovely and soft.


We had our kindred group Christmas Luncheon Sunday. We have a pot luck which always includes soup, home made butter buns,cold meat, salads, cheese and fresh fruit. Because it was Christmas we also had lovely Christmas Cookies, the batch above was Margaret's (in the red) Empire cookies.

We exchanged small gifts all of a quilty nature and I can tell you they were all lovely presents.
My friends above are Margaret, Brenda, Kelly, Sandra and Elizabeth. As I am moving to Peterborough next month which is about 2 hours away, I expect this might be one of my last group get togethers for some time. 
I sure will miss them.



Jennifer said...

Looks as though you had a good party! Perhaps you could join your friends next Christmas too.

Nanci said...

I may move to your area...just for the good food...
Your unit looks very efficient for all the stuff we have to watch tv these days.
Merry Christmas.
Post some photos in the new year.

Karen said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!