Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wedding and The Quilt

Sorry I have been away so long. Sometimes I think that my life is so uninteresting that I don't have much to tell about.
Last Saturday my friend Kelly and I attended a wedding. Our friend Mary's daugther was married. The bride was of course beautiful and here is the final photo of the Quilt that we made them.

My next project will be a quilt for my Moms birthday. I won't tell you which one but it is a special birthday that deserves something really great. I do love her dearly. I will post some pictures of the progress, ( Oh! I guess I can't she will likely look) but I promise that I have lots of interesting news coming up. Please visit my blog and share you comments when you can. I will try to be more up to date with my Blogging.


Jennifer said...

Quilt photo hasn't loaded? wasn't she a lovely bride!

Deb said...

Jennifer I can see the picture so I am not sure how to fix it so you can see it.perhaps I can email it to you. Deb

jofridsquilt said...

A beautiful quilt wiht so many nice clours. Jofrid from Norway