Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting Ready To Sell

Hubby and I for a whole variety of reasons have decided to sell up the home we have lived in for 20 years and move away. My Mom is almost 80 (Shhhh don't tell) and as lively and healthy as she is (in better shape than me) I want to be closer to her. I am her only child left and my husband parents are both gone now. So I really want to be able to spend more time with her. I have my own health issues and Mom is always been able to look after me like no one else. The plan is to build a granny flat on the back of her existing house. Hubby and I will move into the original house and Mom will move to the back.  Mom's house overlooks the river so there is a nice view and her place will be above ground affording us all a great view and our privacy.

The only place where the two residences will join is in the basement where Mom and I will share the laundry room. Her new living room will have a gas fireplace so that in the winter if we don't turn the heat up enough to suit her she can just turn on the fireplace to warm up.Both of us are excited to be decorating a new place.

  I had the carpet in our house professionally cleaned today and I am having a maid service come in and clean. I have had a neighbour lad do some painting to freshen the house up. So wish me luck.


siv hege said...

Good luck!! Hope you will enjoy your new home :)

Jennifer said...

Good luck with your selling and moving! We will be doing the same in six months' time.

karenfae said...

are you moving very from where you are now? Having a separate apartment for mom will work out great I bet, close enough to keep an eye on her but yet privacy for both of you.

Karen said...

How nice! Good luck!!