Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Perfect Handbag

Dear Quilters,

I really do need your help!!!

I have never make a handbag.

For more than the last five years now I have been collecting handbag patterns. I have saved them from magazines, purchased them from quilt and fabric shops, looked at them on blog tutorials, and admired those of my friends and fellow Quilters.

Alas I have not made one for myself (nor do I have any Quilted garments to wear but that is another Blog)
I have purchased much fabric appropriate for a handbag, even imported from foreign countries. I have purchased several different sets of lovely handles and no less than 2 sets of magnetic closers.

But nary a bag insight. I fear my problem, yes phobia, may lay in finding the perfect hand bag pattern. I don't want to spend several hours making a bag only to find that is not perfect.

I know, I know how can one be sure unless one caries and experiences a bag personally, before making that determination. It is so much easier to buy one from a shop use it for a week or two and then declare it , good and useful, pockets in the right places, right number of pockets. Right amount of large space, length of handle appropriate, right size and location of cell phone pocket. Is the bag to large to small and on and on and on. There are so many factors to consider.

Therefore my dear Quilting friends, I must confess I am locked in procrastination and indesion about which would be the best handbag to make.

I couple of year ago I went to a Quilt show. A a lady had exhibited two purses she had made, unfornately she did not indicate what pattern she used if any. There were many features I liked about the bag but mainly that fact there was a removable fabric compartment that could be washed. The compartment came complete with some pockets, and some large open space. I have attached a picture.

Please, Please, Dear Quilting Friends, help me get over my phobia so that I can make a bag. Please leave messages about your successful experiences in bag making, patterns and what you like about you bag.
I would sincerely appreciate your input.