Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Kindred Group Project

Yesterday I got together with my kindred group " Friends In Stitches". We try to meet at least once a month  and we work on a charity project. We always have at least one charity quilt on the go as well as our own projects. We have a lot of fabric donated to us, we usually come up with a plan. on how to use it.

Some time ago we had a box of things donated for our use. It included what I will call some preprinted Penny Squares. These squares are a pattern owned by Eatons  (A large Canadian retailer, very popular before they went out of business in about 2000)

 Here is a picture of one of the squares.
Our plan is to embroider 12 squares to make another Quilt for Charity. These are preprinted fine linen panels .


Lynn E said...

those panels were great. My grannies always had some in their sewing baskets. I love the quilt on your title bar.
Hi from Manitoba

Karen said...

Love the penny squares. That will make a wonderful charity quilt.