Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Dear Friend Kelly and What a View

My friend Kelly and I spent a Saturday together this past weekend. I so look forward to the time we get to spend together.

We usually start at the kitchen table each with an extra large freshly brewed cup of Tim's (brought by Kelly) and chat while we peruse the latest issues of our Quilt magazine. Once we've finished our coffee and catch-up we get down to sewing. At least that is our plan. In reality we sew a little, talk a little, share websites we have found, talk about our future quilts and how we want to finish our UFO's.

Then Kelly keeps me company while I prepare lunch for us. After lunch, we sew a little more and finally put in a DVD, this time it was Judith Baker Montano's latest on Crazy Quilting. We have a cup of tea while we watch and then in no time the day is over.

Kelly and I share a lot of the same "Quilty" interests, we both love hand work, the "A" word, we both love embroidery, beading etc. We make great travelling companions because I like to drive and she is a great navigator. Kelly is a great listener and I am very lucky to have her as a friend.

As  I don't have a picture of our day together, I'll leave you with a picture taken from the window of my Mom's Kitchen. Wow!


karenfae said...

sounds like you and Kelly are good friends. I have two friends like that, we form our own little dear jane group, every Thursday we meet at Julie's house (half way point) we all bring lunch with us and eat lunch first then go to the sewing room to start work - but end up talking more than sewing, have a coffee and cake break and then maybe some more sewing, but usually just to talk ;)

Nanci said...

My friend Dawn is like that. Don't you wonder where the day goes when you spend time with a best of friends?
A lovely tribute.

Jeri said...

that sounds a lot like the days my little sewing group gets together. there is just 4 of us and we have the best time sewing, eating, and bouncing ideas off each other!