Wednesday, January 21, 2009

His Left Foot

Hubby has been suffering with a painful ingrown toenail for months, actually it has been almost a year. It took me at least 2 months to convince him to see our doctor, 6 months for him to get into see a specialist and another 2 months for them to schedule the procedure.
Well today was the day and I will be playing nursemaid for for the next few, I suspect.

  Good thing I have lots of hand work to work while I sit with my patient.

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Nanci said...

OMG is there anything worse than a sick guy at home with his foot up and moaning....When my darling was laid up one time, I gave him a bell so he didn't have to "strain his voice" I nearly whacked him when I removed it from his hand!
You have my sympathy girl!
Hope he gets better soon as this can be quite painful...silly guy to let it go this long.