Sunday, August 30, 2015

Warming up

Things are starting to warm up in our part of the province again. Supposedly we are to have a very hot "end of week" and lots of humidity. Thank heavens for A/C.

Mom and I went to the Peterborough Farmers Market yesterday morning. I love it this time of year, everything is so lush and abundant. Yesterday morning they open from 7:30am to 1pm,  we were there at 10 am and already several vendors had sold out. The cheese man had not curds left, there was baker who had no product left and a man who prepares mexican fresh egg burritos while you wait had not more eggs etc. to make any more.

There was however a man giving away free samples of hot corn on the cob and lots of ontario vegetable recipes. He said it was the local farmers way of saying thank you to the patrons for coming and purchasing from them. There are two Niagara on the lake growers who drive all the way to Peterborough to sell their fruit. They had peaches, plums, pears, nectarines and gorgeous grapes to name a few. I love how they also sell mixed baskets of a couple of each fruits.

Back at home I am working on a new Granny Ripple Blankets, the first picture is from a few nights ago when I first started it.

The Pattern is from Very Pink Knits and here is a Youtube link to the video.

Next time I will have some pictures of a new quilt I am working on.


Jennifer said...

What a fun afghan pattern, I like the chunky ripples! We have farmers' markets here, and a new one started up a couple of months ago - I try to go when I can.

Karen said...

OH! I am liking that one! I haven't crocheted in ages.
Is Betty's Pies still at the market? She (her name is actually Nancy) was so good to my Dad. Even when he got really frail he still HAD to make a trek to the market to get a strawberry rhubarb pie and a half dozen tarts EVERY WEEK. When he was at the Gardens, Nancy would visit him after the market closed and bring him a tart. The Peterborough Farmers market vendors are for the most part really special people.

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