Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fall is in the Air

We woke this morning to our coldest day so far this summer. I knew it was going to be chilly so I have taken out a roast of beef for dinner,  thinking it might be nice to to have the oven on today. It is only 20 celsius or 68 fahrenheit.  Hubby helped me and I have everything ready to go in the oven. Prime Rib of beef,  roasted new potatoes with their skins on, roasted carrots and broccoli with lemon garlic butter drizzled over them. I will make beef and mushroom gravy and for dessert Chocolate coffee pudding with whipped cream. I invited my Mom over for dinner too. I feel quite righteous today as I went to the gym early this morning, came home stripped and remade the bed. Tidied up the house and we have had lunch and got dinner ready for the oven. I am now ready to sip my second cup of tea and I am going to sit down for a while and crochet while hubby watches a baseball game on TV.

Oh dear there was some dreadful news on about an anchorwoman and her cameraman who were killed in the US by a disgruntled TV station employee. Is it just awful all of the bad things happening in the world today. My prayers will certainly be with their families today.

I have been working on another quilt top that I have been procrastinating over. I feel better already by getting back at it. As it has been chilly lately (supposed to get hot and humid again this weekend)
I thought I would share a couple of Afghans that I have been finished recently. I have started another one using up the scraps from the first two.    Attic 24

This is a simple pattern from Attic24 it is actually twice the width shown here. 

This is the edging on the blanket from above.
This is a Ripple Blanket from Attic 24 made from Scraps.

Special thanks to those who leave me comments I really appreciated them. Susan I tried to respond to your comment but your blog profile will not allow me too. But thanks I really like hearing from you all. So whats on the menu at your house?

So you don't think we eat high off the hog everyday last night was Cabbage Roll Casserole.


Jo Ferguson said...

The afghans are beautiful. Making one is on my ever-growing list of projects. We're also having a cool day and I was thinking of baking....cinnamon rolls....maybe.

Jennifer said...

Love your afghans, they look so cosy and warm! Last night we had vegetarian to use up some eggs (we were given more eggs by a neighbour and now we have them coming out of our ears) while tonight will be leftovers from a few nights ago.

Karen said...

I haven't made a zigzag afghan in ages......but now you've given me the bug to winnow out my stash.
Do you live on the river Deb? My sister has moved right by the liftlocks. It is gorgeous over there!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

so glad to see you blogging again Deb have missed keeping up with you. 68 is pretty chilly for August. We have to eat a really good meal now and then don't we! I hate hearing of all the gun violence and wish the law would do something about it. I think we must have the most violent country around when it comes to not having a war going on in our borders but citizens killing each other - too many guns in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful afghans. Thanks for sharing them.

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