Sunday, January 06, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all! It is now almost three months since I have had my surgery and I have lost 55 pounds. I certainly feel my clothes much looser and I can see a difference in my face but I still don't fee a huge difference in myself.

 In this first photo I had just begun my pre-op liquid diet, which lasted a little over two weeks.

Since my surgery I try to avoid, all of the white stuff, sugar, white flour, white pasta and rice.   My portions are much smaller and I try to keep my calories down to about 800-900 and keep my protein count up to 60-90 grams per day.

I no longer take any Diabetes medication and my high blood pressure meds have been reduced.

Over Christmas I did have a few shortbread and a couple of pieces of Christmas cake but they were only treats and I do not eat them any longer.

The later photo was taken on New years day.
I have made arrangement to have my first hip replacement surgery on May 7th. I am so happy about this and am really looking forward to restoring my health.  The other hip can be replaced about 3 months later, if need be.

Our guild Kawartha Quiltmakers is preparing for a show in the spring of this year. I am looking after the demonstrations by the Members. So they will show some hand work and machine piecing if space allows.

So I will be busy working on the preparation for the Show and many other needle work projects. I am currently knitting a shawl, crocheting an afghan and I have started a cross stitch quilt top. That says nothing of the UFO's I hope to complete this year.

By my next post I hope I will have updated my list and some photos of these projects.

Today I will leave you with a photo of  a late fall sunset.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Way to go Deb! 55 pounds is a lot-more will fall off gradually I bet. Progress!

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful sunset! Wow, you are doing well - isn't it encouraging when you can see results?

Pat said...

Hey there! Congrats on losing the weight....I know it wasn't easy so you should be commended. Hope you get to feeling better each day. I have just spent a few minutes reading your your new quilting space and even looked at the quilts from the quilt show you visited. I loved the one with the two buildings that had such stated you loved them too. See, we'd get along great!!!! You take care of yourself...hugs, pat

Anonymous said...

Good for you for taking charge of your health!!