Sunday, January 01, 2012

Yellow and Blue Quilt, Bricks and Blocks

Happy 2012.

At our guild we have a sewing afternoon after our monthly morning quilt guild (Kawartha Quiltmakers) meetings. Usually someone in our guild teaches us a simple pattern and then we spend the rest of the afternoon sewing. At the meeting in the prior month the projects is shown to the group and then a list of supplies are put in our next Newsletter, which is sent to us by email ahead of time. If you are interested in making that project then you have lots of time to get your supplies ready before the meeting.

We have a nice time, at our sewing afternoons. Most of us who stay bring our lunch which we eat quickly so that we can get on with the sewing. I have always wanted to make a yellow and blue quilt, so when I saw that we were going to make the Bricks and Blocks pattern I thought this was a great time to use up some scraps. I when through all of my blue scraps and cut them up and used one yellow to try and unify the look. Once I finished with the body of the quilt I went through my stash to find the two bindings.

I like the way it came out and my plan is to quilt it myself in a simple line design. But we will see, I may cave in and send it out to be long armed. I still have a huge stash of yellow and blues for another quilt and I have another idea for that so you might see it later this year.

I have another quilt being long armed at the moment but it is a wedding gift for later this month, so I will have to wait to post the photos until after D-Day or should I say Wedding Day.
Gotta go now and prep for the New Years Day Dinner.


karenfae said...

I made a smaller version of this quilt last year - I didn't know the name of the pattern though :) I saw it someplace and liked it - it is now on my dining table!

Jennifer said...

What a great and yellow is always a winning combination! Line quilting would suit it well too.

Joni in La. said...

I think you can quilt it yourself. Just believe that you can. I'm sure it'll turn out great and think what a sense of accomplishment. Good luck!

Susan Being Snippy said...

A wonderful Quilt that will find its place in amongst the USEFUL Things! Quilting a quilt yourself is so much work! If I had a choice (money) I would send my quilt tops out to be machine done!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I have a friend who loves, loves, loves yellow and blue - she'd fight you for this quilt. :) blessings, marlene