Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sunsets and Kathy Wylie at Guild

I just had to share with you the sunsets that we have been having the last few nights. This is the view out my kitchen window. The three pictures were taken over the period of a few minutes as it changes so rapidly.

Today was Guild meeting and we had a fabulous Quilter, by the name of Kathy Wylie.She is from Whitby, Ontario. She is such a lovely girl who also happens to be extremely talented. Her quilts are award winning and we as Canadians should be proud to have her among us.

She does wonderful things with papercuts using both machine and hand applique. Her first book is called Sewflakes .She did a fabulous slide presentation and then showed us some of the quilts she brought with her.
Please use the link to check out her web site. But the pictures don't do the quilts justice.

I have news. I can't stand it, hold on now, I have actually started to sew something. Yes it is true. I can barely stand it. I have to pinch myself. Seriously, it is possible that I might actually finish the year with one new quilt to show for it. I will show you a couple the blocks next time I blog. Till next time, Keep on Stitchin.    


Jennifer said...

Spectacular them!

Nanci said...

I love the photos. I like sunrises at the cottage too. Sunsets as you posted go so quickly. Great job.
From Whitby you say? Interesting, but you guys are way ahead of me in quilting...I'm still flogging along.

Trish said...

I thought her show was really good. Beautiful quilts that made me buy the book!