Sunday, October 03, 2010

Beautiful Fall Day

Wow What a beautiful couple of days it has been. I have been under the weather, a dreadful cold and sinus infection. However I am recovered and back in action.

Oh, I am so excited I won a draw on the Blog "Quilting in my Pajamas", I will put up a photo when my parcel arrives.

Mom and I went out for the day yesterday. We took a drive to Campbellford and visited the Empire Cheese shop, the Worlds Finest Chocolate Shop, a Quilt shop (naturally) and then went for a bite of lunch.  Just a couple of picture of the fall leaves, before we have none left.

Fall Splendor

Pretty Colours

One of Mom's End of Season Baskets

My License Plate

By the way, I have been wanting to share my license plate with you, in case you see me around. Hubby bought it for me for my 50th Birthday. At first I thought it was silly but now I love it.



Jennifer said...

Your license plate isn't silly, it's fun! Love the fall pics, it doesn't seem like a year since we were in Canada enjoying the fall foliage, so thanks for the memories - the colours are so beautiful.

Lisa Marie said...

Just stopped by to say Hi, glad I found your blog! Your Lic Plate is sew cute. Mine says "scrpqwn" meaning Scrapqueen. My hubby and kids got it for me for my 45th B'day. I guess it's because of my love of creating quilts form Scraps!