Monday, August 23, 2010

A Sock, One down and one to go

Lately I have not done any been sewing by machine but have done some hand work and knitting.

Here is my "almost" first attempt at a sock. I did make one other pair a while ago but didn't get around to taking pictures of those.

I know the sock may look rather short but I am knitting them for my Mom for bed socks and she said that the last pair I made were a bit to long. Anyway this is my attempt at knitting on 3 needles. I think I will try knitting them on circular needles next. I am told it is easier.

I am still attending aquafit classes at the wellness centre and getting geared up for the return of Guild in another week or so.

I just received the Canadian Quilters Assoc. Newsletter Magazine with lots of info on the next Quilt Ontario, to be held in Ottawa next May. I am so looking forward to that I am pouring over the classes trying to decide what to pick as my first second and third choices for the classes.

I just picked up my SUV from the dealer today for a repair. It has been squeaking for the last 2-3 months and driving me crazy. First is was difficult for them to diagnose because it would never squeak when I took it into them. Next I had to wait almost two months for the brake part to come from Korea. It was finally fixed today, so I hope I don't have to take it back for while. I can tell you it has sure taken all the fun out of own a new vehicle.  

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Nanci said...

I knitted socks for my mother too! she loves them when going to bed at night.
I knit for the grandkids one year, named them happy feet as the colours were all different on each sock and the only thing the same was the size...they still ask for them.