Monday, August 30, 2010

Heart Health

Today I am wearing a holter monitor. It is part of my cardiology work up. After this and one more test I go back to the Cardiologist to find out how the old ticker and pipes are fairing. It is really not obtrusive or uncomfortable and it is only for two days.

Now about the Cpap machine. I am very pleased with how well it is working. I must admit it does take some getting used to but it is worth it and when you think that your body and brain is being deprived of air, what choice do you have.  I sleep better through the night, I don't wake up as often and not nearly as many trips to the loo, in the night. I really do have more energy, however I still have to have a wee nap in the afternoon. That of course is just habit because if I am out in the afternoon,  I don't think about it at all.
Wednesday is my day guild meeting, after our summer break and I have looked at the program for the fall and see that Renske Helmuth is going to come and teach a two day class on Sashiko and Orchids. I am sooooo thrilled. 

 Here us a picture from her web site
Her work is exquisite and she has won so many awards.

Today is Shadow's birthday she is seven. She got two new toys for her birthday and as an extra treat some Salmon in her dinner bowl. She is a love and so affectionate.



Jennifer said...

A friend uses a cpap machine, she can't believe the difference it made to her.

Nanci said...

Oh Deb, I'm going to get sleep tested when I go home. I blamed "age", but know that it's the sleep deprevation that is one of my problems, weight loss would help.
Thanks for the info on your progress.
With the heat we've been having, it's good to be retired, and no having to move around too much.