Monday, June 07, 2010

Best Friend is coming to Visit

Lots of things going  on in the last few weeks. Both of my quilt groups finished for the Summer. At Kawartha Quiltmakers we had a lovely catered lunch. All of the table were covered with lovely dresden plate table toppers and pretty floral centrepieces. Our lunch was sliced turkey and ham. salads fresh fruit and an amazing assortment of pies.

Trent Evening quilters had a fabulous evening Pot Luck which was great. I have never seen such an array of lovely home made foods. I have even picked up a few recipes for things to try.

I have been busy helping Mom with the gardening and we have had the remaining "dirt" covered with sod and It has been marathon of keeping the sprinkler on the grass. However it is looking very green around here, so we must be doing something right.

This weekend I am so looking forward to my dear friend Kelly who is going to come to me for a visit. I have to plan my menus and and clean house etc.

I have one final picture for you, the front of our house. The picture is a couple of years old but the front hasn't changed at all. 

I can't promise but I will try to keep my blog a little more current.


Jennifer said...

I missed your pics of your lovely new house while I had no computer access! You seem to have settled in well.

Nanci said...

Ah Deb, it's summer and we are all doing so much.
I'm going to try and finish that quilt of mine.
At the cottage there is so much time throughout the week, so I sew.