Sunday, January 24, 2010

Visit with Kelly

Kelly came over yesterday later on in the afternoon. We had a nice visit, surfed the web checking out our favorite blogs and adding yet more projects to an ever growing list of, "I'd like to try that". We ordered a pizza amidst the mess of boxes, and proceeded to enjoy.
After supper we sat and stitched ( isn't it relaxing, the gentle movement of the needle sliding in and out of the fabric in even stitches) Well! theoretically anyway.
Once we had more room in our tummies Kelly whipped open a box of Apple Blossoms, which we baked and served with whipped cream. Yum !!
We always have fun together. I sure will miss our regular visits.
I will be to busy too blog for a few days during the move but will be back as soon as possible with more stories.

1 comment:

Nanci said...

I love Apple Blossoms, with vanilla ice cream, it just doesn't get any better.
You aren't packing are you? Are you counting the days?