Monday, December 08, 2008

Back Again

Hi, I have been away for a very long. I have been ill but feel that now I have turned a corner and would like to use my Blog as a sort of therapy.
Among other things that I won't bore you with, I have both Carpel Tunnel in both hands, (most of the times very difficult to keyboard) and a condition called Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy in my feet. It is a nerve damage which causes numbness, pain, pins and needles a feeling of being very cold in my feet. It is a condition which worsens through the night which means that I sleep very little at night and I am a Zombie during the day. I am on some medication to help with the pain, however it does not seem to help allot.
I been working on a new quilt featuring our dog Shadow, I really need to get it completed, here are some pictures of the quilt. I have another couple of small projects on the go for Christmas.
I hope to have them finished in time and maybe photos for you after the new year.
My intention is to Blog once a week, and I sure love feedback to please leave me a comment .


karenfae said...

I love your quilt on your header - is there a name for it? A pattern? The colors are so bright, what wonderful way to do a sampler!

Dutch scraps said...

Welcome back and I hope that quilting is a comfort for you. Take care!

Betweens said...

Deb..I am sorry that your physical ailments have stopped you from doing what you love. I hope with science and medication and Blog therapy there can be some comfort.
I live close to you in Pickering. I love to go to Barrie to one of the quilt stores there. Have you been?? Your quilt of Shadow is wonderful!! keep on taking it one day at a time and hope to hear more about your wonderful quilting adventures.

Miss Snips said...

about the feet -- as the nerves die, the pain lessens, I have it too! Now, knowing where my feet are is the problem, I have to look where I put them, especially street curbs! PS, always wear shoes and here is a link for polar fleece socks, they are great, try them...

Miss Snips said...

me again, doesn't look like the link I gave you shows completely in the comment, so here is the 'tiny' version
oh and if you just use them as socks, no need to make them skid proof..

KateKwiltz said...

Welcome back! Blogs are marvelous therapy...and great distractions!
Found you through Quilt Bloggers --
I LOVE the picture of the quilt in your banner. Cute pup, too!

Celia Ciuffo y Marta Peralta said...

Very nice your blog!! I from Argentina!!!

Dionne said...

I love the quilt on your header. I'm glad that you are back and hope you receive both comfort and good health!