Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Not so Long Hot Summer

Yes it has been a while. About a year since my last post. No further weight loss but I have had my other hip replaced and I am feeling great. We are attending the gym most mornings and I am still going to my aquafit classes.

Since I have missed such a long time I am not going to try to update on everything but just the most recent.  We are working on hand quilting a new Navy and White Quilt at my church group. It is one which we were commissioned to do. No pics yet but I will get some. I do have pic of one we just completed a while ago. We had some orphan blocks donated with the extra fabric so we worked on putting it together and it is now for sale.

It is sage and hunter green.

Also I have just signed up online Crazy Quilting class and had to take pictures of our supplies. Looking forward to getting started on it.

Before I go here is a head shot of me on the left before my surgery and the one on the right was taken a couple of weeks ago at Quilt Canada. Yup all smiles now.


Jennifer said...

Wow, you look fantastic! You must be feeling good, too. That is a very pretty quilt, and I love those threads.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

glad to see you blogging again! I bet your glad to see the surgeries behind you now

Dolores said...

You look very happy and I hope you're feeling great.
Since you are a 'no-reply' commenter (it's because you are google+) I will comment on your comment to not being able to find lace butterflies.
I posted a blog post on the Beginner Crazy Quilt blog about an alternative to lace butterflies. I mentioned that I had seen a crocheted butterfly and the fact that the pattern can be found in a book. Check out the blog and you can find the title of the book and borrow the book from the library (if you knit or crochet.)
We aren't at that step yet and if I happen upon a source for lace butterflies, I'll let you know.