Friday, March 23, 2012

More Photos of the Quilt Show

Here are more photos of the fabulous Quilt Show:

This is "Gold Dutch", by Mary at,

I love this one, so much detail

Close up of the quilting on the quilt above

This was breathtaking

Ribbons Winner

Ribbon Winner

Ribbon Winner

Close Up of Winner above

Ribbons Winner covered in Crystals 

Little Brown Bird

All of the white is done in Buttons

These are a collections of Quilts by Karen Stone:


Jennifer said...

Oh wow - what inspiration, thank you for sharing!

karenfae said...

great quilts - I do believe I recognize one that a blogger friend entered that you have pictured. I will have to tell her I have seen it!

Mary L. said...

Glad you were able to attend the show. My quilt is the gold Dutch Treat. There were so many wonderful quilts.

Karen said...

Beautiful, beautiful quilts, lots of inspiration! I just LOVE the orange, fabulous!!!!