Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Strange Weather and Work outs

We have had some really weird weather lately. Such a mild winter, hardly any snow and then this.
This is the picture out my kitchen window

Then after the snow was over, our snowplow guy came and in 24 hours it looked we never had any snow at all. We have a little snow now.

Here is the latest Quilt that I have been working on
It was a wedding gift, however I am not great a taking pictures so here is hubby holding it up in the kitchen.
It was made from a Bali Pop can't remember the name.

Next is the most recent "DECENT" photo of me, in the last little while. I have a lot of extra weight as you can see. I have been doing aqua fit for about a year and I love it. However it has not produced to many results so I have been trying something new. First I have am doing the aqua fit about 4 times a week. I also now have personal trainer, Natalie with whom I workout three times a week on the nautilus equipment lifting weights. I am also using a program on the web where you track everything you eat and it give you a report each day on how you did.

Hubby's shoulder is very bad and so we are seeing an orthopaedic surgeon next week and after that \i am off on a bus trip to Lancaster Penn for a quilt show and some mega shopping.  More about those later.
I am going to try to post once a week from now on, I seem to be slipping.

I am going to be the Web mistress for our guild,  any of you had any experience in this area if so what program did you use.  Have a great week!

Hugs and Stitches



Jennifer said...

The snow looks so pretty! That's a gorgeous quilt, and I'm sure will be much loved. You have a lovely smile, when you drop some pounds don't drop your smile.

karenfae said...

wonderful snow pictures! So that is you - nice to meet you Deb - :) it is good to exercise - you will figure out what is right for you - good luck with it.
Pretty quilt.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I too am carrying around some extra weight Deb and in order to be more healthy I want to add more exercise and better eating habits to my routine. But I read recently, and put it on my post the other day, that society thinks a size two is the only beautiful size but society is sick and society is wrong. That's so very true! You are a beautiful woman and God has gifted you with an amazing, joyful smile. blessings, marlene

Astrid said...

Gorgeous quilt! The Bali's are so yummy. The snowy landscape looks so nice, but I certainly don't miss such weather, even if I complain about the heat and humidity here these days! :)

rubyslipperz said...

I've been trying hard to lose weight also for a year or so. I've been doing treadmill off and on. I try to help motivate with a weekly post on my blog called "On My Weigh".

We have had so little snow here where I live too. We only had a bit this end of winter.

I hope you had (not sure if you've already gone?) to the quilt show in Pennsylvania...I hope you had a great time! =)