Monday, December 12, 2011

Noah's Ark

As I think I have mentioned I belong to a quilting group at my church. We spend one day a week hand quilting.

A few months ago I picked up a panel at the local "Fabricland", my intention being to use it to practice  machine quilting. Well instead of machine quilting, I took it into church  and it was hand quilted by some of the ladies. We always have one large quilt and one baby quilt on the frames at any one time. The baby quilts are always a panel. We sell them for $50-60.  I personally think it is a lot of work quilting for a panel but they are cheap to buy, quilt up nicely and seem to sell almost as fast as we can get them finished.

Right now our large quilt is a bit of a rescue mission.  It is a beautiful queen size cross stitched top which the quilting had been started on when the owner suddenly took ill. She had been quilting on a lap frame. After she took ill the quilt was put in a green garbage bag and sat there for some years. When it was brought to us it had a large coffee stain on on it (in several places). We have removed all of the previous quilting and mounted the quilt on a frame with new batting.  We have begun the quilting without cleaning first because quilting lines are preprinted on the fabric and if we pre-wash we will lose all the lines.    

Noah's Ark

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Jennifer said...

What a cute Noah's Ark panel! I wuld be interested to see the cross-stitched quilt when it's done.