Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quilt Show Entrants

My Guild had a quilt show last weekend and I thought I would share some of the quilts in the show.

 This first little quilt was one of those in the fabric challenge like mine. This is the on I voted for.
 This second quilt was made by Bev Longford our feature quilter. More of her quilts tomorrow
 I love this batik with the black and white stripe mini border inserted near the edge.
 This was a fabulous photo transfer quilt.
 Just a pretty quilt.
 butterflies and Sashiko.
 Gorgeous quilt made by a guild memeber, inspired by a class taken with Helen Fujiki
 Perfect for Easter
 Gorgeous Quilt made by my friend Irene Gibson. She did the centre on her Embroidery machine.
 Drunkards Path.
 This one was made by my friend Anne Ramsay, gorgeous. It is from a Stacked the Deck book.
 Gorgeous Hawaiian applique and Echo Quilting.

More tomorrow


Nanci said...

The hawaiian quilt is awesome. I like a more simple quilt design myself, but gosh, all that applique work is something!

karenfae said...

wonderful quilts - I have thought of making a Hawaiian quilt but have never gotten around to it.