Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Quilts

I guess you can see from my last post that I am partial to the "One Block Wonder". I soooooooooo want to make one.  It is on my list of Someday Quilts, but for now I must finish of some of my other projects before I get to start something new.

Here are more photo's from the show.

I love two colour Quilts, this Navy and White was stunning.
This was a miniature Storm at sea, gorgeous.

Sunbonnet Sues and Sams

Elephants Galore

Another Beautiful One Block Wonder, read about the fabric choice.

This is a John Flynn Laser Cut

There are so many fabulous Quilts, I will show you more tomorrow.

For now here are pictures of the luscious dessert I made, Apple Cranberry Crisp.

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Jennifer said...

Love the mini "Storm at Sea" - my dream is to make that design one day. Your dessert looks luscious!