Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Lovely Saturday with my Dear Friend

Another Beautiful Saturday with my best friend Kelly. We got together to work on a quilt we are making  for a wedding gift. We are making good progress and it is looking quite lovely. I will have some photo's once Kelly is finished sewing. She is sitting here sewing on the binding as I am making this entry.
Kelly brought our lunch, some delightful Tuna salad wraps. The Tuna salad is filled with all kinds of crunchies like celery and radishes all diced into tiny little pieces, then topped shredded lettuce and cheddar to complete the mixture, all nicely tucked into whole wheat/flax wraps. It was ambrosia. (No Photos because it didn't last long enough)
I made the strawberry shortcake to celebrate my birthday and Kelly brought me a lovely birthday present.
A wonderful new Bali Pop collection in Kiwiberry and the latest edition of Quiltmania Magazine. It has been a really lovely day. But it always is when you can spend it with a friend. 

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