Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spring is Here?

Can you believe it? In the last week we must have had at least 5 inches of snow.
This was picture outside on Monday morning. it was the wet heavy kind that feels like cement.

It kept snowing all day Tuesday and I had to drive into Toronto (75Km) to a Doctors appointment. It finally stopped and Wednesday it was a beautiful Sunny day. Here is a picture this morning.

Although not gone, quite a bit melted yesterday. I have been going to YMCA just down the road were they have opened a new facility. So far it has just been some rehab stretching program in the pool, but it is great.

I am going home to Peterborough this morning to pick up Mom so she can spend Easter with us. So I best get a wiggle on.

I wish every one a Happy Easter! Keep Stitching too!

I found a couple of great Ebayers and picked up some beautiful floss so I will show you that next time.

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