Sunday, December 09, 2007

Retirement Gift

One of my co-workers is retiring, her last day is Christmas Eve. One of the gals at work talked me into making a signature quilt for her and I had thought it would be a small wall hanging size. However I failed to calculate the size, thinking I would wing it. Now it is the size of a small lap quilt.

I still have to sandwich and quilt it but believe me it will be very simple (in the ditch). I do not have time for anything else. As you can see it is all blue (my stash) and muslin with the exception of one Maple leaf square. Eleanor is moving to England on Christmas day and I thought the red maple leaves would remind her of Canada.

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Rose Marie said...

What a lovely gift this will be and all the more so because England will be far away. BTW, love your header .... been meaning to do something with mine for a while now.