Sunday, August 12, 2007

Latest Read

I have been off work this last week and I've been reading, sewing and crocheting. My latest read is one of the Shenandoah Album Series of Quilt Fiction by Emilie Richards. I recommend them all. I started with the first one Double Wedding Ring, then The Endless Chain, next is The Lovers Knot and finally Shooting Stars.

I have also become a fan of The no-end-insight Ripple- Along Blog. I have taken out a huge box of yarn that I have had more than 15 years and started crocheting. I have completed one baby blanket and started on a second. I like making baby things because they work up quickly and I can always donate them to church or some other cause for fund raising.

I hope to have some picture of my Quilt progress shortly.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Just wanted to comment on Shadow. She's a beautiful doggie. I know she's happy that you adopted her (him?).

Mary said...

I didn't realize the next novel Shooting Stars was out yet. I've read the others and enjoyed them so I'll look for the new one.

I like making baby afghans too but haven't done one in a couple years. I did a lot of crochet when my father-in-law was ill and I was taking care of him.

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